DTL's Staff

 The quality of any company or business is dependent upon the  
 quality of its employees.  For this reason DTL has put together the
 best people we can find for each of our departments.  There are 
 separate teams conducting the laboratory and analytical work, 
 another team of doctors and nurses conducting the clinical portion, 
 a statistical team and of course the administrative team. 

 Education is only one part of our requirements for our employees.  
 Quality orientation and professionalism are also prerequisites in 
 the selection of an employee at DTL.  DTL's laboratory and 
 analytical employees have a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree and
 with most having Masters and Doctorate degrees.    Our clinical  
 staff includes Doctors and an advanced level nursing staff.  All
 employees must also be multi-lingual, therefore, we can 
 communicate with clients in English, Armenian, Russian, French,
 Arabic, Farsi and Spanish.

 In addition to their regular higher level education, all of DTL's
 employees are required to take additional advanced training and
 courses.  Over the years, DTL's staff has, so far, traveled to the
 U.S., Canada, Italy, Germany, Sweeden, France, Georgia, 
 Spain and India, for training, conferences and seminars.

 In order to work at DTL all employees must follow U.S. Food and 
 Drug Administration (FDA) and/or European Medicines Agency 
 (EMA) regulatory guidelines.  This means that passing advanced
 training courses in Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Clinical
 Practice (GCP) and Good Documentation Practice (GDP) is 
 mandatory.  Finally, they must be multilingual with English being a

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Darmantest Laboratories Research Center

Our First Priority

Before anything else, our first priority is to the health, safety and well being of our Study Subjects. 


A little discussed but important part of any study is having, the right study subjects.  Therefore, our recruitment procedure is an ongoing, year round, process building and maintaining a data base of study subjects that we can call upon for each study.

For this reason, in addition to their physical health, a part of our pre-screening process is a basic psychological assessment of the individual to make sure that they will conform to our requirements. 

Upon passing phase one of the screening process and being given a complete explanation of the study procedure, including what is expected of him/her,  the study applicant will undergo a complete physical examination by our staff doctors. 

The examination will include, but not be limited to:
          Medical History
          Physical Exam
          Vital Signs
          Blood and Urine Analysis
          Chest X-ray
          Drug, Nicotine and Alcohol Testing

The Facility

DTL's Research Center is a state-of-the-art facility with a large community room, satellite TV and Wi-Fi system that can, at present, house up to 65 subjects with plans to expand. 

The entire facility is environmentally controlled, including temperature and humidity.  In addition, there is a back up generator to protect all samples and data in case of any unforeseen power outage.

There is a dedicated pharmacy with variable lighting, for light sensitive drugs, a temperature and humidity monitoring alarm system and restricted access.

There is a medical office used for required medical procedures.

Access, to non public rooms or offices is limited, by use of key card entry.