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 Darmantest Laboratories (DTL) is a "DICTATORSHIP!". 

 We are dictated by our strict adherence to our:
Quality Assurance
 C. A. P. A.

 Our Q. A. Deptartment is fanatic about finding, identifying the cause, correcting and improving on our shortcomings conducting unanounced audits and inspections. 

 As a company dedicated to maintaining and upholding internationally accepted standards, we are proud of the fact that we make every effort to improve and upgrade our working methods.


S. O. Ps.
Quality Assurance Dept
G. L. P.
Regulatory Guidelines
G. C. P.
Our Commitment
to You
G. D. P.
G. L. P. - G. C. P. - G. D. P.

 The core of a high quality laboratory is its adherence to these guidelines and especially Quality Assurance.  Our dedication to these guidelines, defines the quality of our work and ethical standards.           
 G. L. P. provides the framework our laboratory.
 G. C. P. enforces the ethical standards of our clinical studies.
 G. D. P. is the standard by which our documentation is prepared and maintained.

Quality Assurance

 Within the industry there is always a love/hate relationship with the Q.A. Department.  You have a hard time
 living with them, but you certainly can't live without them.

 Darmantest Laboratories Q. A. Department is responsible for maintaining study integrity according to GCP,
 GLP, U.S. FDA and/or EMA regulatory guidelines.  In addition, insuring that DTL complies with the ethical,
 scientific, local and/or international legal requirements for all studies.

 Q. A. doesn't stop there, they are also obligated to conduct regular audits of procedures, quality systems,  regulatory  inspections, etc.