Who and What is DarmanTest Laboratories

 Founded in 2009, DTL is a CRO with a primary focus on
 bio-equivalence and bio-availability studies for generic
 pharmaceutical manufacturers.  DTL is a US FDA and EMA
 compliant laboratory which provides Clinical Research,
 Statistical and Analytical services and management for the
 pharmaceutical industry.

 The entire facility is designed and constructed according 
 to U.S. EMA and ICH regulatory standards.  
Our Mission
 First and foremost to offer a hassle free and reasonably 
 priced solution to your Bio-Equivalency Studies, from the 
 initial study inquiry to the final study report. 

Our Values
 The foundation of DTL's values is based upon, but not 
 limited to, the Quality of our services, with:  
  • Regularly scheduled internal audits to insure the integrity of our work.
  • Continual monitoring to improve our operating systems and procedures.
  • Constant review of each department to ensure that they are strictly following Good Laboratory Practice, Good Clinical Practice and/or Good Documentation Practice.
  • Ongoing reviews and revisions of our SOPs to improve our efficiency, productivity and quality management.
  • An endless commitment to service.  
Our Promise to You
 Is to offer high quality standards, at an affordable cost, for
 your Bio-Equivalence studies.  We will not diminsh the
 quality of our work to offer a low price.                


Our uncompromising adherence to ethical and moral principles.


Respect for our employees, study subjects, clients and all those with whom we do business.


We have been in the forefront of initiating and promoting  Bio-Equivalence Research and Development, Good Clinical Practice,
Good Laboratory Practice and Good Documentation Practice
in Armenia and the region.

Darmantest Laboratories, LLC is the first FDA and EMA
compliant Laboratory in Armenia and the CIS Region. 
Our Beliefs

Our Philosophy:        

Is to be the best in our field and offer the quality of service that we
can be proud of.
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DarmanTest Laboratories and Research Center
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