Who and What is DTL

Darmantest Laboratories (DTL) is a division of a 70 plus year old, publicly traded, International Pharmaceutical Company, who's President and Chief Executive Officer, is Armenian. 

Our Purpose
DTL was established in Armenia, in 2009, to do Bio-Equivalence Studies for the pharmaceutical industry and to bring badly needed, professional level jobs, primarily in the Chemistry, Pharmaceutical and Medical industrial sectors. 

Our Mission
Specializing in Bio-Equivalency Studies, DTL has brought and is developing a new sector of Research and Development to Armenia. 

Pharmaceutical Research and Development is a part of the Armenia's industrial sector that can be developed into a very important and integral part of the country's economy. 

Our mission is to help establish a vibrant Research and Development sector based upon European and American quality standards.  By complying with international regulations, Good Laboratory Practice, (GLP) Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Good Documentation Practice (GDP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines, Armenian laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturers and hospitals can become competitive with Western companies, in a fast changing world.  


Our uncompromising adherence to ethical and moral principles.


Respect for our employees, study subjects, clients and all those with whom we do business.


We have been in the forefront of initiating and promoting  Bio-Equivalence Research and Development, Good Clinical Practice, Good Laboratory Practice and Good Documentation Practice in Armenia.

Helping to advance Research and Development in Armenia.
Our Values


Advancing and maintaining extremely high quality standards for our company and our professional team of employees.
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